eber Partners is a regional investment banking firm bringing expertise to support middle market business owners, investors, and senior management in making and implementing key financial decisions. We stay on top of regional deal flow and regional and national capital markets, including individual and institutional investors and lenders.

We work with our clients and contacts to bring the best of these resources to Northwest companies. Combined with the significant expertise of its experienced professionals, Veber Partners’ goal is to develop and maintain long-term relationships through quality service, expert advice, and a record of performance in successfully closing acquisitions and ownership transitions, raising new capital, and assisting in corporate strategic alliances and divestitures.

Service to Our Clients Above All Else

Veber Partners is committed to understanding and valuing its client objectives, and to bringing the best talent to bear on each financial issue. The Firm is committed to providing clients with the highest level of industry knowledge, extensive research and analysis, and the most seasoned financial advice.

Veber’s professionals take a hands-on, results-oriented approach with a select group of clients. By focusing almost exclusively on companies in the Pacific Northwest, Veber has the local connections as well as the experience with local business leaders to provide a high level of customized service while staying true to the unique needs and mindsets of our community.

Why Veber?
  • Local – efficient, close coordination and swift response to all issues.
  • Capabilities of a large firm with the benefits of a smaller firm – only senior level partners providing skilled, objective representation.
  • Team carries 100+ years of broad business experience, and 20 years working together as Registered FINRA Investment Bankers.
  • Deep experience in the business services sector.
  • Experience as principals of businesses, as well as transaction professionals brings a rare combination of talent to bear on each engagement.
  • Belief in the power of aligned incentives, and a willingness to put our compensation at risk: success based, and aligned with owner’s objectives.
  • Investment, insight and communication: We invest the time to gain an intimate understanding of the client’s position and competitive advantage, combined with the ability to articulate those advantages in terms that resonate with each specific prospective buyer or investor.
  • Deep understanding of capital structures, financial systems, and business models enables a wide range of economically defensible arguments, and financially engineered solutions, throughout the negotiating process.
Our Focus
  • Corporate Development and Capital Structuring
  • Clients working toward a transaction or significant event
  • Operating companies with history of profitability
  • Companies with growing revenues and short term paths to profitability
  • Regional geographic focus with sector expertise
    • Manufacturing
    • Consumer/Retail
    • Business Services
    • Technology
    • Health Care Services
    • Commercial Real Estate Equity
    • Tax Advantaged
  • Particular Experience
    • Forest Products
    • Healthcare Services
    • Computer Hardware & Software
    • Food Products
    • Energy
    • Building Materials
    • Industrial Products
Our Added Value
  • Anticipation:  Based on experience, we know the kinds of questions and problems likely to come up in certain transactions, and we prepare our clients to deal with them
  • Expanding the Options:  It isn’t unusual for us to create more competition for the deal, to surface  a different kind of buyer, seller or investor than the client envisioned.
  • Achieving better price and terms:  We help buyers, sellers and capital seekers to obtain more favorable financial terms than expected.
  • Providing trusted advice and peace of mind: By having a professional on your side of the table, dealing with the tactics and understanding the mindsets of strategic and private equity buyers provides the insight to ensure the client is well positioned during negotiations.


  • "Veber Partners made up of Gayle, Rodger, and Nick, make up a team of seasoned professionals that were a delight to work with throughout the time we worked together. Each partner brings his own special contribution to a business owner who doesn’t have the “foggiest” of what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. I never doubted for a moment that Veber was representing my best interests and getting the best possible deal for me and my family. And while the “11th hour” adjustment of shares between me and others would have caused lesser men chaos, Veber took it in stride."

    George Wilson Former CEO, Eutek Systems
  • "As a small privately owned company, we do not have the need for a full time financial advisor on staff with the skill levels and resources which Veber Partners possess. Their advice and analytical skills have been invaluable to our continued financial success. It is and has been a great pleasure working with Veber Partners.”

    Paula Norman Controller, Washington Alder LLC
  • “You were great at keeping us on task and putting things in proper perspective. Best of all, you helped us obtain our goals without losing our sense of humor.”

    Brian Radditz President, Wanke Cascade
  • "...Not only did you provide excellent advice on values, you developed a competitive bidding environment which was significant in enhancing the price realized for the company. ....Once again you have exceeded my expectations and confirmed my strong belief in the value of your services."

    Walter H. Grebe Partner Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, P.C.
  • “When asked about my experience with Veber Partners, I frequently reply: ‘If they cannot get it done, it cannot be done.' You and your team were able to determine the viability of the ACI acquisition. You stepped up and shared in the risk if the deal could not have been completed. Veber Partners professionally packaged our company to take to the equity market. Various options were available to management through the contacts and presentations that were made. Most importantly, you took the time to learn the dynamics and desires of the management team. The ‘right deal’ for management was important to you. Veber Partners not only gave me a sense of what was possible, but also were able to take those plans and make them real. I could not have done the deal without them.”

    Dick Wilch President and CEO, Associated Chemists
  • “The professionals at Veber Partners became an integral part of our senior management team. They understood our goals and objectives as business owners and negotiated skillfully and effectively on our behalf. Veber Partners helped us command a premium price for our business by allowing us to keep our focus on increasing company revenues while concurrently marketing our business to a national audience. Veber Partners exceeded our expectations and earned their fees many times over"

    Dan Adkison President - Inform Graphics
  • “The team at Veber Partners has been instrumental in the establishment and growth of CRU, including the completion of three transactions and ongoing support during each year of the journey. I look forward to their continuing involvement and participation.”

    Randy Barber CEO, CRU DataPort
  • “I need Veber on my side of the table and sometimes on top of the table, helping me understand limitations of a deal.”

    Al Jubitz Former Qwner, Jubitz Truck Stops
  • "….What I appreciated the most was your effort to tell the client what you (and the market) believe, not necessarily what the client wants to hear. … You and all your people were honest, timely and met my expectations."

    Greg Van Pelt CEO, Providence Good Health Plan
  • "Veber Partners had the local knowledge and contacts to help us through a process that was difficult and confusing.  They located pass-through partners for our tax credit much faster than we expected, which gave us the cash we needed to continue investing in the business"

    Max Johnson Director of Finance - FLEXcar
  • "I want to thank you for all your help over the past three years…  You helped me to fulfill a lifelong desire to own and manage my own company.  You had a way of putting things in perspective for me when objectivity was most needed."

    Bob Valley President - Axcyl, Inc.
  • "Mass Ingenuity engaged Veber Partners for a wide array of services including, raising growth capital, providing strategic advisory services, and providing corporate development advise. We have been delighted on all fronts! Veber Partners understands our products, the markets we serve, and the importance of transforming state government in this country."

    Aaron Howard Mass Ingenuity / CEO
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