he firm primarily focuses on Mergers and Acquisitions, including leveraged buy-outs and management buy-outs for companies ready to transition as well as providing transaction planning and advisory services to those companies with a longer time horizon.

Veber Partners also specializes in structuring and raising growth capital through private placements, and is well practiced in providing financial advisory related to capital restructuring, fairness opinions, valuations, tax credit placements, and other complex financial situations.

Veber Partners also has a special situation private equity business, partnering with management or individuals that have opportunities that are also looking for not only the capital to execute, but also strategic partnerships in growing and repositioning businesses to highlight and bring focus to those properties buyers and investors value the most.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Sell-Side Advisory
  • Buy-Side Advisory
  • Management & Leveraged Buyouts (MBO’s & LBO’s)
  • Family Transitions

Growth Capital

  • Private Placements
  • Debt, Equity & Hybrid
  • Recapitalizations
  • Alternative Investments for Qualified Investors

Corporate Development & Capital Structuring

  • Transitional Readiness & Assessment
  • Value Driver Analysis
  • Transaction Oriented Market Insights & Research
  • Target Identification
  • Strategic Partnership Identification & Negotiation

Opportunistic Private Equity Investing

  • Active Buyer of Profitable, Smaller Middle Market Companies
  • Partner with Management Talent with Capital to Invest
  • Arrange for Third-Party Debt and Equity
Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

The primary philosophy in sell side representation is one of encouraging clients to “find the market” and avoid being “bear-hugged” by one self-proclaimed “ideal” buyer. The firm deploys a comprehensive and systematic process that culminates in a competitive environment, forcing prospective buyers to stretch their internal capacity to win the opportunity to capitalize upon the strategic value the business presents, and consequently optimizing the outcome for the business owner.

Fundamental in that equation is illustrating the strategic value the business presents in clear, compelling, and potentially unique fashion to each potential buyer. We excel at this by fully understanding the value drivers within each company and their interaction with each potential acquirer.


Sell-side Advisory for

  • Established businesses with history of profitability
  • EBITDA > $1 million

Buy-side Services

  • Target identification & pipeline development
  • Valuation & Key Value Driver Analysis

Corporate Development

  • Acquisition strategy & sourcing / pipeline development
  • Divestitures & “fit” analysis
  • Capital restructuring advisory & support
Growth Capital

Growth Capital & Private Placements

For existing profitable companies that have more opportunities than growth capital, we provide private placement services that optimize the capital structure for the company by raising the appropriate amount and type of growth capital.  The firm has an extensive network of accredited investors, family offices, private equity firms, and other institutional and alternative sources of capital including traditional banking relationships and debt providers.


Equity Placements

  • Established businesses with history of profitability
  • $2 – $10 million raises

Debt Placements

  • Early stage / Revenue based loans & other Mezzanine structures
  • Traditional Bank & ABL
  • $1 – $20 million raises
Corporate Development

Corporate Development & Capital Structuring

For those clients that are looking for longer term advice on getting a business ready for a transition or simply maximizing value as seen by potential buyers.  These engagements are typically a few years in length and provide clients with quarterly or annual advice on strategy and tactics with the objective of positioning the company for a sale, or private placement in the future, or both.

Private Equity

Opportunistic Private Equity Placements

VEBER PARTNERS’ private equity activities include acting as a principal and developer in the buyout of profitable middle-market companies by partnering with qualified management talent and private equity investors.

Drawing upon the firm’s expertise in valuing and closing M&A transactions, the firm has actively initiated building a portfolio of investments in both profitable, mature companies and promising early stage ventures. Funding and management talent for these situations is typically provided by regional and internal sources. The firm works both for its own account on projects, as well as under contract with companies and individuals looking for successful private investment opportunities.


  • Northwest based, lower middle-market businesses
  • Partner with management talent with capital to invest
  • Minority & majority investment positions
  • $500 thousand – $5 million EBITDA
  • Invest $1 – $5 million of equity
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